This chemical is used as an adhesion promoter. The most common source of contact is with nail polish.


Please be aware that if your spouse or significant other uses topical skin care products that contain this chemical, skin-to-skin transfer may occur to you.

It may take 2 to 3 weeks of avoiding exposure before improvement of your eruption begins.

Other names you may see this chemical:
  Benzene sulfonamide, 4-methyl-polymer with formaldehyde
  Mearlmaid TX-EPM-8-6
  Santolite MHP
  Santolite MS

Possible Occupational Exposure:
    Textile Mill workers
    Printing and Publishing workers
    Rubber manufacture
    Paper and Allied products workers
    Chemical workers
    Fabricated metal workers

Toluenesulfonamide Fluoraldehyde Resin
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Hints on avoiding:
Nail polish and enamels
Nitrocellulose compositions
PVA adhesives
Vinyl lacquers

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not intended to substitute for medical care or recommendations by a physician.