Used widely as an antiseptics and preservative in topical medications, cosmetics, and vaccines. Individuals who show a positive reaction to Thimerosal may be more of a risk to develop a photosensitivity to Felene (Piroxicam), an oral anti-inflammatory.


Please be aware that if your spouse or significant other uses topical skin care products that contain this chemical, skin-to-skin transfer may occur to you.

It may take 2 to 3 weeks of avoiding exposure before improvement of your eruption begins.

Inform your primary car physician about your allergy and ask for preparations that do not contain thimerosal.

Other names you may see this chemical listed as:

Potential Occupational Exposures
    Laboratory Technologists
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Where is it found?
What is it?
Hints on avoiding:
Contact lens solution
Desensitization injections (allergy shots)
Ear drops
Immunogloblin preparations
Allergy skin testing solutions
Liquid soap
Nose drops
Oral hygiene products
Soap-free cleanser
Topical medicines
Tuberculin tests
Thiosalicylate with piroxicam

Possible cross-reactions may occur with other chemicals:

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This information is provided as educational only and is
not intended to substitute for medical care or recommendations by a physician.