Most common source of contact with this chemical is jewelry, dental materials and gold injections for arthritis.
It may take many months after stopping exposure to gold for the dermatitis to clear.

Let you dentist know of this allergy.

Many individuals that have a positive patch test reaction to gold will not show any relevance to their skin dermatitis.

Gold filing does NOT need to be removed unless there is significant oral disease associated with a positive patch test.

Other names you may see this chemical:
  Bis[monothiosulfato-(2)-O,S]aurate(3) trisodium
  Bis[monothiosulfato)aurate(3) trisodium
  Aurothiosulfate natrium
  Aurothiosulfate sodium
  Double thiosulfate of gold and sodium
  Hyposulfite of gold and sodium
  Sodium aurothiosulfate
  sel de Fordos et Gelis

Gold Sodium Thiosulfate
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Hints on avoiding:
Dental material
Electronic circuits
Gold injections
Gold plating
Gold sodium thiosulfate
Sodium Thiosulfatoaurate
Potential Occupational Exposures:

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